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Positional Projects share field and historical research, interviews, documents, media, events both forgotten and noteworthy, to unearth an often-unknown portrait of a place. We organize on site public happenings in collaboration with artists, authors, historians and musicians offering alternate experiences to promote stewardship. We share activities and discoveries as digital resources, exhibits and publications. Our current areas of inquiry are Llano del Rio, "the site of the most important non-religious Utopian experiment in Western History" - California State Office of Historic Preservation in Llano, CA, and Giant Rock, once thought to be the world's largest freestanding boulder, north of Joshua Tree, CA.

Positional Projects partners include Arts Connection, the Bureau of Land Management - Barstow Field Office, DEHSART.com, the Landers Community Association, LAUNCHLA, the Llano Community Association and the Mojave Desert Land Trust.