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ON ALL Day - 2018

Future Foundations

ON ALL Day - Future Foundations on May 6th, 2018 was inspired by the promotional postcard collection discovered at the Beinecke Library. Participants could visit a period tent and view the reproduction postcard collection created by Paul Greenstein, walk the residential foundations guided by Karyl Newman, create a postcard with commemorative stamps featuring Alice Constance Austin and her proposed residences for the colony organized by The Traveling Postal Club and enjoy a sound bath inside the silo with Anahata Mousai.


Figuring the Volume of a Utopian Cylinder

Suggested by attendees at ON ALL Day, celebrating the last May Day at Llano del Rio, ON ALL Eve offered a desert evening walk with Karyl Newman, sharing history and the state of the socialist colony in August of 1917, as the residents decided the fate of their Utopia. Local artists Jean Monte, Moriah Cain-Gross and Kristen Cramer (Anahata Mousai) invited guests to recline under the waxing sturgeon moon to enjoy a sound bath inside the silo ruin. This ticketed event, held August 4, 2017, was made possible in part by a grant from California Humanities as an auxiliary project of ON ALL Day - A Desert Reflection at Llano del Rio.


A Desert Reflection at Llano del Rio

ON ALL Day - A Desert Reflection at Llano del Rio, on May 6th, 2017 marked the short-lived socialist experiment's last May Day in the Antelope Valley 100 years ago featuring historical exhibits, tours, art and experiences at four locations around the colony's holdings in the Antelope Valley in 1917. Organized by Karyl Newman and, collaborators Dydia DeLyser and Paul Greenstein, Jean Monte, Kristen Cramer, Moriah Cain Gross, Leora Wien, Michelle Andrade created exhibits documented by Adriana Campos-Ojeda and Verlon Allen III. This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit

ON ALL Comrades

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Like the contributions of the residents and supporters of the Llano del Rio Cooperative Colony's remarkable Antelope Valley endeavor, our ON ALL / LLANO projects would not be possible without our collaborators.